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Nappy Bank

Nappy Bank NZ is an exciting new part of the services offered by Pregnancy Help Incorporated. It was born out of a shared vision of Kate Meads (The Nappy Lady) and Pregnancy Help wanting to help make reusable nappies more accessible to those who want to use them. An agreement was signed between 'The Nappy Lady' and Pregnancy Help cementing the shared beliefs of wanting to provide support to families and wanting to make an impact on environmental sustainability and waste minimisation.

How do our Nappy Banks work?

If you or someone you know wants to use reusable nappies (either part time or full time) you can contact us and we'll do our best to provide some at no cost.


Our Nappy Banks aren't intended to take the place of hire packs available from other sources (as we think that these are a great idea), but what we want to do is make reusable nappies more accessible to people who might find it difficult for whatever reason to meet all of the up-front costs of setting themselves up with reusable nappies.


We do ask that you donate them back to us after you have finished using them, so that we can pass them on to other families who have the need of them.





















How to donate to our Nappy Banks?


We very much appreciate reusable nappies being donated to us, so that we can pass them on to other families at no cost.


Nappies can be dropped off at our branch offices, or posted to us.


We also appreciate donations of other items so that we can pass these on to families, such as clothing, bedding ……


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