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Your rights as a Volunteer

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Your rights as a Volunteer

  • To be treated as a co-worker and an equal to paid staff
  • To know as much as possible about the organisation and about the way the service operates, and to be kept in touch with any new developments
  • To have a safe working environment
  • To have a job description
  • To be taken seriously and to be heard
  • To receive orientation to the position, ongoing training, support and supervision
  • To be acknowledged and receive recognition
  • To be allocated tasks suitable to personal abilities and preferences
  • To be taken into the confidence of the agency as appropriate after the volunteer has earned the respect of the agency
  • To be free from discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age and disability.
  • To withdraw or say no without guilt
  • To have work-related expenses reimbursed (e.g. travel)
  • Not to replace paid staff with volunteers
  • To have access to an advocate

This information has been from a pamphlet to volunteers at the Dunedin Community Volunteer Centre.

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