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Disclaimer: The materials provided at this website are for informational purposes only and is not intended for use as diagnosis or treatment in any area of pregnancy or as a substitute for consulting a maternity caregiver competent to advise appropriate care and treatment.

Please note: opinions expressed in the links page are not necessarily those of the site owners and inclusion does not indicate endorsement or recommendation. Links are intended for educational and informational purposes only in order to provide a variety of information to assist when researching all aspects of pregnancy care.

Baby Web NZ

Information and related services for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Health, Parenting, Support and Shopping.

Website: http://www.babywebnz.org/


Providing meals for families with newborn babies, and families who are in crisis.

Website: http://www.bellyful.org.nz

Birth Net

birth-related website that includes many links to pregnancy birth and parenting information.

Website: http://www.birth.net.nz/

Birth Resources

Information about Childbirth Education Classes available in Wellington as well as other useful information

Website: http://www.birthresources.org

Brainwave Trust

Our aim is to raise public awareness about the amazing new findings in brain research, which emphasises the importance of early experiences on infant brain development, and to educate about the important implications of this knowledge.

Website: http://brainwave.org.nz/

Change for our Children

Pursuing safe sleep, for every baby, every place, every sleep

Website: http://www.changeforourchildren.co.nz

Community Law

Free legal help throughout Aotearoa, online library service. Legal information for pregnancy.

Website: http://www.communitylaw.org.nz/search/?q=pregnancy

Great Fathers

Great Fathers presents In Your Hands, a DVD for 'expecting' and new dads that includes - a movie of NZ musicians Tiki Taane, Warren Maxwell and Sean Donnelly about their experience of becoming dads.

Website: http://www.greatfathers.co.nz

Health Point

Local information about obstetric services, procedures, treatments and other useful information such as patient rights.

Website: http://www.healthpoint.co.nz/

Kiwi Families

The essential guide to raising children in New Zealand, covering all ages and stages from birth until they leave home. Articles present unbiased, New Zealand relevant information on a wide range of parenting topics. Parenting topics cover activities, education, health, festivals, pregnancy, birth and much more as well as forums to share opinons and tips with others.

Website: http://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/

Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc

Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. is a small group of women who formed a not-for-profit organisation in 1985 to offer peer support to women and their families experiencing miscarriage. In 2000, we adapted our information for our 100-page website to cover as many aspects of miscarriage as possible. We understand the pain and the desolation associated with the grieving process and try to alleviate some of the enormous isolation and loneliness women often feel, while recognising that the experience each woman has is unique. ?It is the strength of the bond with their baby, sometimes unknowingly, not the pregnancy length that determines the intensity of this grief.í

Website: http://www.miscarriagesupport.org.nz/

Mothers Matter - PND Support

The Postnatal Depression Family/Whanau New Zealand Trust was set up as a Charitable Trust in 2006 to improve awareness and understanding of postnatal depression (PND) and related mental illnesses in pregnancy and after childbirth. Members of the Trust include women who have experienced PND, family members, health professionals, and other interested people. Our hope is that women in the community and their families/whanau will feel less isolated and be more able to access help by using this information.

Website: http://www.mothersmatter.co.nz/

National Women's Health - Auckland District Health Board

At National Women's Health in Auckland City Hospital, we provide high quality health services for women who need maternity, newborn, gynaecology and fertility care.

Website: http://www.nwhealthinfo.co.nz

New Zealand Breast Feeding Authority

NZBA was established to help improve the low breastfeeding rates in New Zealand. Follow this link to find out more about the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.

Website: http://www.babyfriendly.org.nz/

New Zealand Continence Association

Information and support with bladder control and pelvic floor exercises, before and after pregnancy. Call the Bladder Hotline 0800 650 659

Website: http://www.continence.org.nz/

Nga Maia

Nga Maia is a national organisation supporting Maori in pregnancy and childbirth.

Website: http://www.ngamaia.co.nz

Parent Help

Parent Help is a parent and family support service offering support to parents facing parenting challenges ? no matter how large or small the issue. Our early intervention Helpline aims to enhance parenting skills, help parents prevent child abuse, manage their childís behaviour and offers crisis and ongoing support. The National Helpline is answered 24/7 with counsellors and/or trained telephone support workers available between 9 am and 11 pm. If we canít help you, we will refer you to an appropriate service in your area.

Website: http://www.parenthelp.org.nz

Parents Centre New Zealand

Offers a wide varitey of serivces from Ante-natal education to new mothers groups.

Website: http://www.parentscentre.org.nz/

Power to Protect

Never, ever shake a baby campaign. Power to Protect helpline 24/7 on 0800 300 026 - a trained support person will be there to talk with you, offer support and advice, or put you in touch with services.

Website: http://www.powertoprotect.net.nz

Raising Grandchildren

Aims of this group is to provide support to grandparents who are caring for grandchildren. To provide opportunities for the grandchildren to meet others in the same situation and to raise awareness as to the role of the grandparents in the primary caregiving role.

Website: http://www.raisinggrandchildren.org.nz/

Royal NZ Plunket Society

New Zealands larget provider of service to support the health and development of children under 5

Website: http://www.plunket.org.nz/

SIDS New Zealand

SIDS New Zealand Incorporated is a national organisation established to provide services for families and communities who have had children of any age die suddenly and/or unexpectedly of any cause including SIDS.

Website: http://www.sids.org.nz/

Smoking during Pregnancy Support

Quit line advisors offer support to Pregnant Women

Website: http://www.quit.org.nz/

TABS - Trauma and Birth Stress

What is PTSD? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the psychological term for a set of reactions anyone may experience when something traumatic, scary or bad happens. It is a normal reaction to an event that involves the threat of death or injury to self or others. Only recently has it been recognized that PTSD may be suffered as a result of a traumatic birth experience.

Website: http://www.tabs.org.nz/

Tapuaki - Pacific pregnancy and parenting education

Here you will find information about pregnancy and parenting to help you stay safe and healthy during your pregnancy and to care for baby when he or she arrives. Learn about what you, your partner and/or family can do to ensure mother and baby are healthy, find links to different services and resources such as videos, and read stories written by other parents about their experiences in Tala (story) Tapuaki.

Website: http://www.tapuaki.org.nz/

Tummy Talk Magazine

This magazine is published by Active Birth Taranaki who promote, support and celebrate active birth at home or in a maternity facility and want to foster confidence in the woman's ability to give birth naturally. This publication is endorsed by New Zealand College of Midwives

Website: http://www.activebirthtaranaki.org.nz/


Whakawhetu National SUDI Prevention for Māori is a national kaupapa Māori organisation dedicated to reducing the rate of SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy) for Māori.

Website: http://www.whakawhetu.co.nz

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